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Right now I have no idea what I want to do in life. Ever since I was a teenager I have been in customer service and I really hate it.

I have been married now for almost a year and just started working at a golf course a couple of months ago, of course, I hate it because I deal with a lot of old men.

I need to find a trade or something that I can do for the rest of my life and be happy. I have been thinking about going back to school but I am not sure where to go.

I know that I do not want to "serve" people anymore but I may still want to work with people.

I have been looking into technical schools because it seems like I can be done more quickly.

There seem to be a big range of these vocational tech schools and technical colleges with all sorts of courses from nursing to computer technical schools and they're also online.

Most Technical Schools only have two year programs. I live in Tennessee right now and I am not sure which school I want to go to.

If I have to move somewhere else I will so that I can go to the best school I can.

First I need to find out what I want to do. I think that I want to become a dental assistant.

It would be great because Draughons Junior College, which is one of the Technical Schools in the area, has that program available.

It is about twenty minutes from where I live now. That is good because my husband, even though he does not like his job, it is a well paid job so I did not want to uproot us just so that I could find a great school.

It will work out well for both of us. I think that once I am done with my end of school, he can work on something that he would like to do too.

He is not quite sure what he wants to do with his life but he has until I am done with my schooling to figure it out.

I know that he loves photography and may want to be a wedding photographer one day.

I know you can get a degree in photography from almost any of the Technical Schools in our area.

I hope that after we are both out of our Technical Schools and in the careers that we went for, we will be very happy. I hope that we make good money for our family.

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Vocational Technical Schools

By Seth Miller
Vocational technical schools, often referred as Vo-tech schools, are high schools that provide training in technical and vocational education. Like other schools, vocational technical schools are also accredited by an accrediting agency. It is designed for young people and adults to acquire technical skills to get high placement in high tech industry and other technical fields. Most of these schools combine academic, technological and specialty training.

Make Your Choice Of the Best Career And Technical School Today!

By Gregor Nau
Probably, not every young person willing to receive good higher education is able today to pay for a college education. Sometimes, it may happen so that an individual lacks the grades which are of primary necessity while entering a university of one's dream. Very often it happens that a person has no opportunity to study in the field he or she is interested in due to a number of reasons.

New York Technical School - Crucial Tips

By Dr. Kavita Shaikh
New York has always been a city of possibilities. This could be especially said with regard to education and career opportunities. The education system has branched out in to a myriad of diverse subjects, and areas of study and research.

Is a Career or Technical School Right for You?

By Melissa Steele
Career colleges and technical schools offer the benefits of a targeted education, which leads to increased opportunities for employment.

An Introduction To Vocational Technical Schools

By Richard Romando
Vocational technical schools impart training in mechanical and industrial arts and practical sciences. Vocational technical schools are normally at the secondary-school levels, and these schools train students in a variety of skills, particularly in manual trades, health care, and computer technology. The world's first technical school was founded in the year 1900.

Go For A Technical School For Prime Knowledge

By George Melzer
A technical school is not just any kind of school; this is a school wherein required technical knowledge is taught to the students and that's it; no more no less. One of the best things in today's time is that education is easier to get.

School Grants and Technical Schools

By Jared D. Ingram
There are many reasons why a technical school is good for you. If you are one person who has an active interest in things electronic, mechanical or the likes, you should be considering pitching your tents with a technical school rather than with a regular college.

Technical Schools Provide Hands-On Training For Rewarding Careers

By Thomas Hauck
Technical training schools offer hands-on instruction and experience in small engine repair, automotive and marine repair, computers, HVAC, truck driving, and more. You can't learn this stuff only over the Internet. You can't even learn it just in a classroom. You have to get down and dirty and work with the real thing in a real-life setting. Here's a guide to choosing the technical school that's right for you.

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